Bri P.  -Provo
I never thought that when I became pregnant, my hips popping out of place would be a bigger problem than morning sickness and stretch marks!  Starting as early as 10 weeks, I started having to sit to put on my pants because my hips would pop out of place so badly that I would nearly fall over if I attempted to do it standing.  Being only 25 and having to ride on the electric carts through the grocery store because my hips gave out so frequently was pretty embarrassing!  I came to Dr. Jones with my concerns and he fixed me nearly every week of my pregnancy to help me stay put together while the pregnancy hormones kept trying to keep me immobile.  I am certain that were it not for his help, I would have had to use a wheelchair for the second half of my pregnancy.  After my delivery, he helped get me realigned yet again and taught me stretches and routines to help me strengthen the muscles to hold all my joints in place and ordered me a belt to hold my hips in place to help them “relearn” where they are supposed to stay.

He truly cares and does all he can to help you with ANY ailment you come to him with.  In the short 2 years I have been coming to him, he has helped me with: heartburn, shoulder pain, neck spasms, headaches, TMJ, scoliosis, broken toes, digestive problems, dislocated ribs, depression, nightmares, & knee pain, and that is just for me - not counting my children and husband!  Sergeant Jones is one of a kind, he is a born healer.

Brian G.  -Denver
Who flies from Denver to SLC to see Dr. Jones? I do! I was enduring intense pain, so went to a doctor in Denver who told me I had a herniated disc. I flew to SLC to see Dr. Jones because I was unsure about the Denver Orthopedic Doctor’s assessment. I trust Dr. Jones and his expertise, glad to be back in his office explaining my injury. After listening he said “No way is it a herniated disc. Get on that table. I could help you with a herniated disc, son, but you don’t have one!” By the end of that weekend trip I flew home grateful for the Sergeant. 

I’m just 23 years old, a basketball fanatic and work in a job that stresses my body. I would recommend Dr. Jones to anyone either hurting or to avoid pain later in life by keeping their body checked and aligned by someone gifted. I should mention he treated me after hours because my flight arrived late at night on a Friday? And I know he isn't open on Saturdays either, but he treated me the next day as well. He cares. SGT Rubert Jones is the best chiropractor I have ever had.

Lisa L.  -South Jordan
I am a runner and a tri-athlete, I met Dr. Jones while I was training for a race. I was constantly dealing with one injury or another. Dr. Jones spent time with me getting my body back to where it needed to be so that I could compete pain free. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to sports injuries. He was gentle and took time to show me proper technique to prevent further injury. Dr. Jones is top notch and provided me with tremendous support and wellness to help me.

Kim P. -Murray
Hi I'd like to say something about Dr. Rubert Jones. I am a truck driver for UPS and have driven 4 million miles in a semi truck. I have had to be adjusted by many chiropractors to keep me driving. Dr Jones is great and I've gone to him for care for about nine years now. He is very careful and does a very thorough job and has the gift of healing. He can tell by touch what’s out of place and then adjust it back where it should be. He's also fun to be around…good person. You really can't go wrong with him as your doctor. He cares about your welfare and takes a personal interest in you. I'd refer him to anybody.

Linda R.  -West Jordan
My back had “gone out” 3 times before I moved to West Jordan in 1999. A few years later, a friend of mine told me she went to Dr. Rubert Jones for her chiropractic care, and that he helped her a lot with her back pain. I wanted to prevent it going out again, so when my back started to bother me I made an appointment with Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones gave me some tips on how to keep my back feeling good: exercises, and the proper way to sit. Whenever I go to see him, Dr. Jones gently adjusts my back, shoulders and neck. I feel better physically – the next day – if not immediately. I feel better mentally, because I know I am getting preventative care.

Gayle T.  -Sandy
I have had a problem with daily headaches and migraines since a tubing accident many years ago. I discovered Dr. Jones at the Senior Expo about 8 years ago. He has done a lot to alleviate my pain and my headaches are much less frequent and less severe since he has been treating me. I can't tell you what a relief it is to not have to suffer the agony of a migraine nearly as often. He has a very gentle touch and I think you will be impressed as I have been with the treatment he administers. I would highly recommend him. He is a great guy and fun to talk to as well.

Francine T. 
I wonder if you know how much you have helped me resolve my physical problems each time I came to you. I remember hobbling in, and then being able to leave, walking normally. I was able to relax during your skillful, gentle treatments, and that was very important to me.

Twice, I brought a suffering house-guest to you, without having to wait for an appointment because you understood just how miserable being in pain can be. Each of them told me how impressed they were that you knew exactly what to do to give them relief. This is just a note to tell you how much we appreciate you, those of us lucky enough to have been helped when we needed you.

Stephanie J.
-Cottonwood Heights
I took my knees for granted until they started to hurt and limited my activity. I have benefited from physical therapy, but when I was unable to bend my right knee, I received a referral to an orthopedic surgeon who x-rayed, drew fluid from my knee, gave me cortisone shots and told me I would need knee replacements. He told me I could return as often as every three months for more shots and fluid removal until I had the surgery.  I have experienced great benefit from the work Dr. Jones has done with my knees.

In another life, that fantasy one in which I have an entourage, Dr. Jones' healing skill would be ever at my disposal. He has rejuvenated my knees, extended range-of-motion, decreased pain, and enabled me to resume activities I have been avoiding. I am optimistic that his expertise will allow me to avoid recommended knee-replacement surgery. I appreciate his caring manner and have benefited enormously from his work.

Laura W.
-Cottonwood Heights
I had been suffering from TMJ pain for over 20 years. Over the last five years the pain had begun to affect my daily life. I had seen multiple specialists and spent thousands of dollars. I began seeing Dr. Jones after I felt that I had exhausted all avenues in "traditional" Healthcare. I had never been seen by a chiropractor before. I was amazed by the relief he was able to give me. He would never let me leave his office in pain and would spend as much time on me as I needed. I have subsequently recommended him to several friends and family members. He is a very caring, gentle individual and a knowledgeable, talented doctor. He has helped me on my journey to being pain free for the first time in years.

Alyssa Summers,
Yoga Instructor,
As a yoga teacher I do a pretty good job at staying in tune to my health but cannot always do it on my own, especially when life gets stressful and when the minor scoliosis of my spine causes pain and tension in my neck, shoulders and back. I made an appointment with Dr. Jones while he was visiting patients at the studio where I was teaching yoga. I was surprised to see how attentive and thorough Dr Jones is about my overall holistic health. He always checks my internal organs and always aligns my knees, ankles, and feet in addition to working on my neck and spine. Since seeing Dr. Jones, I have experienced much less pain and tension in general in my neck and back, which helps me to feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout the day, to focus more at work, and practice yoga with more ease. Out of all the chiropractors I have been to, Dr. Jones makes me feel important, I can tell he cares about me as a patient and has the knowledge to address my needs.

I would recommend Dr. Jones to anyone looking for immediate or long-term relief from stress and tension causing your back, neck, and health to come out of alignment. Dr. Jones will give personal attention to your needs and consider them with a holistic approach. Not to mention it is so easy and very helpful to be able to make appointments via text message!

I count down the days until my next appointment with Dr. Jones.  It feels great and helps me feel better when I do activities at school or when I do karate.  He is so good at explaining each step he is doing and how it can help me.   - Alyssa, age 11 - Cottonwood Heights

I sit at a computer all day long and while I have been to physical therapy for my shoulders and back, it doesn't measure up to how much more improved my muscles feel and the reduced tension since visiting Dr. Jones.  I am amazed at how quickly into my appointment I start to feel relief.  I wouldn't trust my aches & pains to anyone else!  - Rebecca L. -Cottonwood Heights

Linda Black,
The Yoga Coach
I met Dr. Rubert Jones at Suncrest while teaching a yoga class.  His assistant invited me in to test drive his services. Wow! I was impressed with his intuitive adjustments…just the right amount of pressure and no jerking. His background in Massage Therapy is evident with his subtle approach at alignment and attunement to the body. He is skilled at re-aligning joints, muscle tissue, and bones where it is most needed.I highly recommend his services if you are experiencing any pain related issues in the body or just want a tune up! I went in for a treatment after my ½ marathon and feel great with no soreness. Dr. Jones is affordable and worth it!

Every spring I suffer with allergies.  Sergeant Jones adjusts me a few times in late March and I never have to take Claritin or the like again.  I prefer all natural to drugs, thank you very much.  Previous years before knowing Dr. Jones, I had to suffer through the side effects of drugs to help me breathe and I always felt like I was just getting by from March through May.  Now March through May I love life outside instead of running through 10 tissue boxes, sneezing, itching, feeling horrible, and staying inside which was actually what one doctor told me to do in the spring.  WHAT??  Stay inside when my body is yearning to be out in the sunny loveliness?? I am so grateful to Dr. Jones. You have made my life so much better so I can play in my garden all day long if I choose to in the Spring!  You give me three fabulous months of the year I had been missing out on.  Priceless. - Dawn K. - Cottonwood Heights

Brent A. -East Millcreek
I'm an airline pilot and always on the go, it seems. Hauling luggage around, in and out of aircraft, on and off shuttle buses, and sitting for long periods can be hard on the back. I turn to Dr. Jones for relief from life on the road. He's a very skilled chiropractor, and sends me out of his office feeling great. I wish I could take him with me, on my trips. He always accommodates my schedule and makes time available, whenever I need to come in.

He uses many techniques to adjust the body, and bring it back into alignment, with a gentle touch. I've been receiving chiropractic adjustments, on a regular basis, for over 20 years, from several different chiropractors, and Dr. Jones is as good as they get. I'm fortunate to have Dr. Jones as a chiropractor, and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care.