Chiropractic Treatment $55
Chiropractic Treatment -Same day payment    
(Check, Credit & HSA Cards)


Chiropractic Treatment -Same day CASH$40

 Natural Therapy $40.00
There are different methods and theories for manipulating muscles and bones, releasing nerves increasing digestion and elimination to cause the body to function correctly. Dr. Jones uses many different modalities to achieve the end goal of helping the body to function properly, and eradicating pain. 

Ionic Foot Bath $20.00 
Soak your feet in this relaxing bath that uses negative ions to draw toxins out of your body naturally.  You'll feel so much better. Try both chiropractic treatment and the natural therapy for only $60.00, saving you 25% off the full price. 

Give yourself a treat and get a chiropractic treatment, natural therapy AND a footbath for $70.00, saving you 30% off the regular price.