Nutritional Supplementation
I am proud to offer Standard Process because they are derived from whole foods.

Standard Process Whole Food Supplements
Standard Process, or SP, is a different type of vitamin and supplement company. Unlike traditional vitamins, this company's supplements are made of whole foods.  The vitamins you are buying at Costco, Walmart, even your local health food store do not compare.  Let me help you learn why.

Standard Process supplements provide you with the all the nutrients contained inside a food source because they contain the whole food. Instead of man-made, synthetic vitamins, when you take SP vitamins and supplements, you are getting all the ingredients that Nature put into the food itself.

As part of your personalized treatment program, based on the results of your nutritional elvaluation, I am certain to include these vitamins.

What are Whole Food Supplements?
Whole food supplements are supplements that contain all the nutrients and micronutrients that are found in a food source prior to processing. Generally, when creating a vitamin or nutritional supplement, the company making the vitamin or supplement simply attains the selected vitamins and minerals they are planning to use.
By using a food source (whole food), SP is gaining not only the nutrients contained in foods, but the micronutrients as well.

Standard Process Vitamins and Supplements
The average multivitamin contains around 33 ingredients, broken down into components such as iron, riboflavin, and iodine. The average Standard Process vitamins contain thousands of nutrients and micronutrients. One example is the multivitamin named " Catalyn."

Catalyn contains all the vitamins and minerals you are familiar with, plus some you aren't. Instead of singling out the nutrients, Catalyn contains whole foods such as bovine liver and kidney, pea vine, mushroom, and carrot root.

Did you know that carrot root alone has over 200 known nutrients and micronutrients. That one ingredient has over six times the number of nutrients found in a standard multivitamin. Those 200 nutrients and micronutrients are just the ones that can be identified. Even scientists do not know the full amount of trace micronutrients that are found in whole foods.

Standard Process Cleanse
Often when patients come to see me, part of the treatment I use is Integrated Nutrition. The use of the

Standard Process Cleanse
may also be employed. Purification is simply cleaning out your body of impurities and toxins.

Everyday, you are exposed to toxins, no matter how careful you may be. External toxins such as pollutants, chemicals, and pesticides are in the very air we breathe.

Our bodies were designed to naturally eliminate these toxins through our waste system, but our bodies were not designed to cleanse the amount of toxins that we face on a day-to-day basis.

Often, when we feel rundown and tired, it is the result of too much toxic build-up in our bodies. Exposure to toxins can result in the following:

  • Congested head
  • Problems with the digestive system
  • Insomnia and fatigue
  • Foggy mental processes
  • Decrease in libido

If you consume a considerable amount of processed foods, non-organic foods, soda, artificial sweeteners, coffee, grilled foods, tap water, or alcohol, your diet is contributing to the toxins carried within your body.

The purification process will not only have a positive effect on your metabolism and body biochemistry, it will also eliminate a large part of the toxic load your body is carrying. Almost immediately you will notice:

  • Increased vitality
  • Clearer skin
  • Shinier hair
  • Clearer thinking
  • Better, more restful sleep at night
The SP Purification is not a diet. It is a lifestyle process and program that will enable you to live a healthy, balanced life .The Standard Process Cleanse is a compound derived from 20 different whole food ingredients designed to aid the body in the removal process of daily toxins.

It is available in dairy-free, vegetarian, and gastro-fiber blends. When used in conjunction with a diet that we design together, you will be on track to a happier, healthier you.