About Dr. Jones

My Road to Becoming a Doctor

I’m Master Sergeant Rubert Phillip Jones, retired MP. Does that sound strange for a doctor to introduce himself in military title?  But that’s a part of me that will never die.

I grew up in a small town in Central Florida called Bartow, eating, breathing and loving basketball.  Seven days after graduating from high school I entered the USAF basic training.  As a military policeman, I was required to tackle a multitude of problems; Domestic violence, riots, terrorist bombings, drug busts, suicides,  DUI’s, to name a few.  
I even had to attend infantry training with the US Army to learn to protect our nation’s resources.

I bounced around the world during my 20 years of military life, living in  Germany, Netherlands, Cape Cod, Montana, Korea, among others.   I felt it necessary to be prepared to better defend our country, so I trained in martial arts, kung fu, shotokan karate, and earned a black belt in hapkido while in Korea.

It was during hapkido training that I observed my instructor who was an eighth degree black belt as he would tend to the students who were injured in his class. He would do the Mr. Miagi thing from the movie “the karate kid”, do you remember?  It was not until I was hurt and he tended to me that I actually knew he was healing people. At that point I asked if he would teach me the healing arts. His reply was “when you see me attend to someone, you should watch and learn.” So I did. I learned but I felt that it was not enough. I wanted more. But I was hooked on healing by the laying on of hands!  As I look back now, I know this was the start of my yearning to become a doctor.

Upon completing my military service, I attended and graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy, eventually teaching at that school.  I opened the first seated massage company in SLC named “The Rub Club”.  I sold that business two years later to pursue becoming a doctor.   Four years of intense training at Palmer West College of Chiropractic in San Jose earned me my doctorate degree.

I was trained in:
Cranial-Sacral Therapy
Bio-Cranial Therapy
Koren Specific Technique
Pettibon Biophysics
Loomis Enzyme Therapy
And diversified Techniques

I owned and practiced chiropractic for ten years and retired late in 2010. After some months went by, I realized how much I missed my interaction with patients and the joy of healing. After much urging on the part of my wife, children and many of my long-standing patients who had now become friends, I recently opened this simple practice. I don’t seek to impress you with fancy office surroundings and fixtures. In my younger years, I used to think that was necessary. I am now focused solely on the healing process….doing all I can to get you to saying “Oh, I feel so much better!”

My extended training through the years has brought me to know how vital nutrition is to avoid diseases plaguing our society like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, MS, and the list goes on.  Nutrition is a key component of living pain and disease free, eradicating the harmful side effects of using prescription medication.  Natural healing works.   I can help you with your desires to be healthy and happy, no matter what age you may be.  It is my one desire; to help you in any way I know how.  I love my job!”

Dr. Jones with his Family