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Sergeant Jones Chiropractic welcomes you to American Fork Chiropractor, Dr. Rubert Jones.

Are you in pain from a recent auto accident? Most folks don’t seem to know you are covered! Leave your wallet in your pocket and come in to Fort Union’s hometown doctor, Rubert Jones for help.

These FAQ’s may be helpful to you:

“Do I have to pay to see Dr. Jones after an accident?”

No.  Included in your auto insurance in Utah is PIP (Personal Injury Protection).  Utah laws mandating specific types of car insurance coverage allow car accident victims to rest easier.  Utah is what is known as a “no-fault” automobile insurance state meaning that each registered driver is required to have particular types of coverage that will pay for medical expenses, lost wages and other costs associated with an injury-causing car accident.

The way the law works is that your carrier will pay for your initial care and contact the at-fault driver’s insurance for a refund.  This process is common and your insurance company will be reimbursed.

“What is PIP coverage?”  
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is insurance coverage that will pay for your medical expenses in case of a car accident.  It is required in Utah.  You pay for it with your monthly premiums to your auto insurance provider.  

“Will PIP pay for my medical expense if the accident was my fault?” 

Yes, PIP will pay for treatment of injuries received in the car accident up to 100% of your PIP coverage.  Utah’s no-fault law requires you buy a minimum of $3000 in PIP coverage in your insurance package.

“Will my insurance rate increase if I file a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim for medical expenses?”

No, your insurance rate will not increase.  PIP has nothing to do with rate increases.

“What if the accident was not my fault and I don’t want my insurance company to have to pay anything?”

Your carrier will pay for your initial care and contact the at-fault driver’s insurance for a refund.  Your insurance company will be reimbursed.

“My car was totaled but I feel fine.”

Very often pain will come later and you may not even connect the dots and know it is from your accident. Don’t delay your appointment with Dr. Jones.  Treating you soon after the accident can bring peace of mind and avoid pain in the months to come.  Don’t forget that hidden injuries left untreated turn into chronic problems down the road.  Do you really think that your metal car can be twisted into nonworking order and you be left unscathed?!

You've been in an accident.  You have already paid for it, so why not take advantage of it?  Come in today to be treated by Dr. Rubert Jones at Sergeant Jones Chiropractic in Fort Union.

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